2014. augusztus 26., kedd

Botanikus vagyok!

És hogy miért volt fontos ezt közölnöm? És miért így?

(Lásd még itt és itt)

Mindennek magyarázatául szolgál az alábbi az Amerikai Botanikai Társaságtól származó felhívás:


When you introduce yourself at a scientific conference, how do you refer to your profession?  Are you an evolutionary ecologist?  A biodiversity scientist? A plant physiologist? Why not introduce yourself as a botanist?

As botany departments have disappeared or been subsumed into other academic departments, many plant science positions have been replaced with non-plant colleagues.  The term "botanist" seems to have fallen out of common use.  We think it's time to reclaim the name of botanist.

Dr. Chris Martine said it best in a recent Huffington Post article , "Our field has a deep history and an exciting future that deserve to be linked. It's in our interest to make it clear what botany means to us and what it is that we do as botanists....... Our work is critical to the health of the planet and the ages-old quest to better understand it. Our skills, our talents, and our passion are needed now more than ever. This is the time not for an identity crisis but for an identity rebrand."

Your BSA Board and Strategic Planning Committee is poised for action to increase the visibility and awareness for Botany and Botanists and they need your help!

Take the "Reclaim the Name" Challenge!
1) Simply tak e a picture of yourself ("selfie") holding up a piece of paper where you make your declaration. (use a dark marker or sharpie)

2) Post your photo on your Facebook page, your Twitter and/or Instagram account. Tag it with #iamabotanist #reclaimthename and challenge 2-3 colleagues to do the same.

Feel free to send us your photos as well (to hcacanindin@botany.org (mailto:hcacanindin@botany.org) so that we can spread the word via the BSA web site and our own social networks.

This campaign is about raising awareness for our science and what you do every day.  Reach out to those who are not currently BSA members so they can also reclaim the name.  Botany shouldn't be a "quiet science"---so let's start turning up the volume!

Best wishes,
Tom Ranker, BSA President

Botanical Society of America Office
4475 Castleman Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri 63110
PH 314-577-9566, FAX 314-577-9515



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