2014. október 14., kedd

Cikk az Acta Botanica Hungarica című folyóiratban

Megjelent az ’Epipactis albensis Nováková et Rydlo (Orchidaceae) in Ukraine – new data on occurrence and ecologycímű cikkünk (szerzők: Ljubka Tibor, Lovas-Kiss Ádám, Takács Attila & Molnár V. Attila) az Acta Botanica Hungarica című folyóiratban.

Epipactis albensis Nováková et Rydlo (Orchidaceae), a species previously undocumented in the flora of Ukraine, was found in three localities in this country (in vicinity of Chetfalva, Fanchykovo and Drotyntsi, Zakarpattia district) in 2012. The species (originally described from the Czech Republic) recently has only been known to exist in seven Central European countries. The three Ukrainian populations described here stretch within the floodplain of river Tisza. Based on measurements in 14 localities in Hungary, Ukraine and Romania the species has a considerably wide soil reaction tolerance (from 3.6 to 7.2 pHKCl). The fruit set of this strictly autogamous species is reasonably high (78%). The mean±SD thousand seed weight of the species was 0.0030±0.0005 grams, therefore E. albenis is classified into the hypermeichor seed-weight class. Recent discoveries of the species in Romania and Ukraine raise the possibility of its occurrence in further European countries.

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